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Release 0.7.0


This release on 5/18/08 is the first public release.

Known Issues


  • The initial release of JABS is bundled with Tomcat 5.5 and should be used only with Tomcat 5.5 or above. JABS configures a few features based on the layout of the Tomcat server. Other servers may be supported in future releases.


  • The internal CVS task only supports pserver access. If your environment requires CVS access over ssh, you will need to use the Exec task with the native cvs command.
  • CVS and SVN task types don't respond to a stop request. So, they will need to complete before the stop is honored.
  • The Project Link task always passes project properties and value of root.path to linked projects during execution. This is neither obvious or configurable. Although, this will be configurable in future releases.


  • The Timeline view was recently added and is still experimental.
  • The Chart and Timeline views don't have a report range selector. This will be included in the next release. The Timeline view is based on the last 24 hours and the chart uses the RSS max result to limit the results.

Project Editor

  • The project type edit button displays an empty form when you select Edit. This feature has not been completed and will be included in the next release.
  • The Preview link in the left side navigator does not show all attributes of all task types. This will be resolved in a subsequent release.


  • If you try and re-schedule a project that has been renamed, the re-schedule will fail. To resolve this, you must go to the Scheduled list and remove the job manually. Scheduling the project after this will succeed.


  • The provided examples are very simple. The next release will include a better list of samples to illustrate various features.