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Projects List

Projects List

Displays the list of projects. There are three tabs that provide some filtering to the list.

  • Public
    Any project can be selected as Public. Currently, this is just a flag that will cause the project to list here. The concept is these are projects that are tested and useable by anyone.
  • My Projects
    This allows the users to select projects that are either useful or commonly used by them.
  • All Projects
    The entire list of projects in the site.

The Action column provides three options.

  • The play icon will open the run group panel and display available run options.
  • The person icon will add the project to the My Projects list. This will also cause the project to appear in the quick launch bar below the tabs.
  • The red X icon will open a panel to delete the project. This will present some summary information about the project.


This will display any running projects. Use the list icon to show the progress. The red stop button will stop the project.

Active List


This is the list of currently scheduled projects. Jobs with a trigger type of CRON have been stored in the persistent scheduler. A trigger type of IMMEDIATE indicates that the project was run by a user who selected 'Run Project'. To un-schedule a project, select the trash icon.

Scheduled List


This contains the list of reports for all Projects. Use the report icon in the Action column to view the report. This will open a floating window containing the report.

Report List