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System Settings

System Settings

Site URLThe URL for this site. This could be different from the current URL you may be using. If the server has a different host name for public access, you can enter this instead. Use the button "Current" to set this to the current URL your using.
Attachment URL The URL path that will serve files from the attachment path. The default is configured when the application is started for the first time. The default host name was selected based on the URL used to access the site for the first time. You may need to change this if you used a different host name for public access
Attachment Path This is the local file system path to store attachments. The default is configured when the application is started for the first time.
Allow public user registrationAllow new users to create accounts.
Default group for public registrationAssign this group for public registration.
SMTP HostThe SMTP host to send email.
Subject PrefixThis sets a prefix for the subject in the emails. This can be useful to identify where the reports are coming from.
Reply ToSets the reply-to field in the email.
Report Deletion AgeSets the amount of time a report will be kept in the system. It's specified in days.
Minimum Report RetentionSets the minimum number of reports to keep regardless of age of the report. It provides a way to retain the last x number of reports.
Purge ScheduleSet the schedule for the report purge job. Select the schedule button the create/update the job.
Max ReportsLimits the number of reports returned in the RSS feed.
Export PathEnter a path to export the system to. Click the Export button to run the export. The export process will date code the file names and retain the last 7 exports.
Export ScheduleSet the schedule for the export job. Select the schedule button the create/update the job.
LDAP Provider URLHost URL for LDAP
Search ContextLDAP context path for user accounts
Search NameLDAP user id field name
Scheduler Controls the state of the scheduler. If you use the Shutdown option, you will need to restart the application to restart the scheduler.
Scheduler Thread Pool Sets the number of threads to process jobs. This represents the number of jobs that can execute concurrently. Depending on your application, you may need to increase this setting. If there are more job requests than available threads, the scheduler will queue the jobs for execution once a worker thread becomes available.
Memory Status Displays the memory usage. The Max memory setting is configured in the file setenv.{sh|bat} located in bin directory of the server.
Scheduled Jobs Restores all scheduled jobs to a scheduled state. This is typically used after restoring a site from a full dump. When a export is performed, much of the Quartz scheduler meta data is not exported (for a variety of reasons). So, another internal table stores a few key attributes used to schedule the job. When a system is restored, the internal table is used by this action to restore the scheduled state.

Global Properties

Much the same as Project Properties, except these are shared across all projects. Any project can reference these variables. In addition, the standard Java system properties are loaded and can be used in both global and project configurations.

Global Properties

System Properties

Java system properties can be included as variables and have a special syntax. To use a system property, you must prefix the value with sys: . So, for example, to use the users home directory property, you would enter ${sys:user.dir} as the property definition.


The Users page lists all registered users and allows admins to change the settings of any user.


User permissions are provided by the following group definitions

Administrators All The administrators group allows a user full control of the application.
Editors Edit and Execute The editors group allows a user to create, edit and run projects.
Users Execute The users group allows a user to run projects.
Guests View Only The guests group allows a user to browse the site, but does not allow them to perform any actions.

Self Registration

If the create account link is enabled on the login page, new users will be assigned to the Guests group by default. A user with Administrator rights can change the group assigned to new users when they use the public registration feature.


The tools page contains specials features and utilities to manage the site.

Project Import

The Project Import tab allows an administrator to paste the xml of a project export and create a new project from it. Select Import to import the project. The project editor will open if the import is successful.