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JABS requires JDK 5.0 or greater. The application releases are already package and with Tomcat 5.5.


  1. Download and extract it to a directory.
  2. Download and install JDK 5.0 if it's not already installed.
  3. Run the following to make the Tomcat startup scripts executable on Unix systems.
    cd <install dir>/jabs-tomcat/bin
    chmod +x *.sh
  4. Edit the (or .bat for windows) in <install dir>/jabs-tomcat/bin

    Add JAVA_HOME=<jdk5 home dir> if jdk5 is not already set in the environment. If CATALINA_HOME is set in the environment, you'll need to unset this prior to starting the jabs tomcat server.

  5. Run
  6. Open a browser to http://<host>:8090/jabs

Logging in for the first time

On first login, you'll be presented with a new user form. Fill out the user information and save it. You'll be directed to the login screen once this is complete. You also have the option to import a previously exported database.


Administration Configuration

Once your logged in for the first time, select the Administration link. Most of the settings have been configured based on the runtime location of the application. You'll need to enter the email settings. Also, you should schedule the purge and export jobs. Just click Schedule for each one.