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Project Link

Project Link

Project linking allows one project to contain and execute many other projects. In many cases, this provides the ability to configure a work space for several other projects to work within. There are a few aspects of project linking that are not immediately apparent.

  1. The value of the root path is passed to all linked projects from the top level project. So, if you set the root path to /buildroot/projectA, all linked projects underneath this one will have the same root path (regardless of the depth). Currently, this is not configurable, although it will be in the near future.
  2. Project properties are passed down to each linked (or child) project and will override values in linked projects where the key is the same. This feature can be leveraged to create projects that are reusable. This is also not configurable at the moment.
Project Link

NameYesThe name of the task. This will be populated when a project is selected.
Project ReferenceYesThe id number of the project.
Run GroupNoIf the project being linked has Run Groups defined, you can choose one to control how the link is executed.
EnabledYesEnable/Disable the task
On ErrorYesWhat to do if an error is detected. In this case, any errors in the linked project can cause the parent project to terminate

Use the SEARCH field to find a project. Enter a value and press Enter to execute the search. Once a project is located, click the Select link to select it.